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Crafting Flavorful Delights: Exploring the World of the Non-Alcoholic Bar

Updated: Jul 3

Non-Alcoholic Bar

Crafting Flavorful Delights: Exploring the World of the Non-Alcoholic Bar

corporate events provide experiences built to reward your employees and provide space to celebrate the year as it comes to a close. As such, every aspect of these events, from the theme to the catering, plays a pivotal role in creating a lasting impression. Among these, the bar is often a central hub of interaction. But there's a new trend making waves in the corporate world: the non-alcoholic bar.

Cater to Changing Preferences

Recent statistics suggest a significant decline in alcohol consumption, especially among millennials. According to a [2019 CNBC report](, many millennials are reducing their alcohol intake, with 1 in 3 claiming to consider themselves "sober-curious." A survey from the company (Drizly) found that 23% of Gen Z and 24% of millennials reported drinking non-alcoholic beer, wine, or spirits often; showing a generational shift in consumption habits (only 6% of Gen X and 1% of boomers said the same). Hosting a corporate event with an alcohol-free bar ensures you are in step with these evolving preferences.

Encourage Healthier Choices

The modern employee is increasingly health-conscious. A non-alcoholic bar aligns with this trend, promoting healthier drink choices. For instance, instead of high-calorie cocktails, guests might enjoy a fresh non-alcoholic cocktail or an herbal tonic that leaves them feeling refreshed and energized rather than subdued and sluggish.

Enhance Networking Opportunities

Alcohol can sometimes hinder genuine networking. People might forget conversations, or worse, make inappropriate comments they later regret. Alcohol can blur the lines of professionalism and impaired judgment can lead to comments or actions that may be deemed inappropriate or even discriminatory. By offering non-alcoholic options, you provide an environment that encourages clear thinking and authentic networking experiences, safeguarding your company's reputation and the well-being of your employees.

Inclusivity Matters

Not everyone drinks alcohol, whether for personal, religious, health, or recovery-related reasons. By providing high-quality non-alcoholic options, you're signaling to your employees that their comfort and choices are valued, leading to an environment where everyone feels respected and included.

Boosting Overall Safety

One of the foremost risks associated with alcohol consumption at corporate events is the potential for drunk driving. By serving non-alcoholic beverages, you ensure that your employees and guests are in a clear state of mind when they get behind the wheel, significantly reducing the chances of accidents and DUIs. Beyond the risk of drunk driving, alcohol can lead to other safety concerns, such as physical mishaps or medical emergencies, especially if someone unknowingly mixes alcohol with medications. Non-alcoholic beverages eliminate such hazards.

Real-World Example: WeWork's Alcohol Policy

WeWork, a global leader in shared workspaces, recognized the changing landscape regarding alcohol consumption. In 2018, the company shifted its alcohol policy, reducing the availability of free beer in its North American locations. This move was partly in response to changing tastes and the desire to promote a more inclusive work environment.

A Unique Experience

A non-alcoholic bar isn't just about removing alcohol; it's about introducing unique, flavorful beverages that are often overshadowed in traditional settings. Good + Bar’s expert bartending services provide quality non-alcoholic cocktails, ensuring a consistent experience for all guests, regardless of their drinking preference. Our bartenders deliver the same "bar/bartender" interaction, with drinks that don't compromise on quality or taste. Elevate your next event with our Good Bar's mocktail bartender for hire, crafting exquisite non-alcoholic beverages.

Employ a mixologist specialized in non-alcoholic drinks, and your guests will be raving about the unique experience long after the event concludes.

While traditional bars remain popular, the non-alcoholic bar presents an exciting and contemporary alternative that corporate events can leverage. By doing so, you’re not only aligning with modern trends and preferences but also setting a standard for inclusivity, health, and genuine networking experiences. The next time you're planning a corporate event, consider the myriad benefits of the non-alcoholic bar. Your attendees will thank you.

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