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A World of Difference

At Good + Bar we are a completely alcohol-free mixology service and passionate about mindful mixology and vibrant taste. Every cocktail and drink has been carefully developed and crafted from super premium ingredients. Many are infused with the power of functional ingredients to elevate your senses, mood and well-being.

Welcome to the World of Conscious Drinking

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Functional Ingredients

At Good + Bar, we’re not just crafting delicious cocktails; we're on a mission to redefine the way people experience drinks. Our commitment to wellness and mindful living has led us to embrace the world of functional ingredients.   At every one of our bars, you can choose to enhance your drink with a variety of functional ingredients like adaptogens, botanicals, herbs and hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Super-Premium Spirits

An elevated cocktail starts with a fabulous base spirit. At Good + Bar, we have combed the world to find the best non-alcoholic bases for our bars. Our super-premium base spirits add dimension and complexity to our cocktails for an unparalleled taste experience.

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The only thing we love more then a great non-alcoholic cocktail is the joy of sharing it with others. And the heart of our mission is just that- creating vibrant spaces where people can come together and connect.

Bespoke Menus & Events

Everything that we do starts and ends with your vision. We craft events on an individual basis. We take great care to understand your desired ambiance, the audience in attendance and how you would like them to feel. From there, we design and craft every detail of your vision right down to the bespoke cocktail menu and culinary pairings.

Team of Experts

 We’ve assembled a team of industry- leading experts to ensure your event is planned and executed smoothly. When you book with Good + Bar, we have you from first contact. Your team will consist of event planners, food & beverage operations specialists and Master Mixologists just to name a few. 

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Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Practices

We take care of the Earth as much as we do you. We are a sustainable bar & event  service.  We prioritize sustainable practices throughout our operating practices day-in and-out from the utilization of eco-friendly products to the use of re-usable drinkware and compostable materials. We are constantly looking for ways to do even more.

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